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How We're Different

We’re doing something unique here with our coaching course. So there isn’t a whole lot to compare it to.

Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig style programs

These program don’t have our science- and research-based nutritional background. But they’re popular. Reason? Mentorship and social support!

  • Now just imagine what you could get if you:
  • took the mentorship and social support aspects;
  • coupled them with the best in nutrition;
  • prioritized GREAT TASTE;
  • prioritized only real food, organic when possible;
  • stripped out the awful frozen and boxed “food” they sell you.

That’s a big win.

The South Beach style online memberships

Now, the South Beach diet is certainly better nutritionally than Weight Watchers, but the membership programs leave a lot to be desired. Would you believe me if I told you that there is a call center based in New York that provides these “online membership services” to every big, mainstream diet author?

That they simply “rebrand” the exact same service for South Beach, the Sonoma Diet, etc, among countless others – even diets that supposedly contradict one another or offer something “revolutionary?” Sadly, ‘tis true.

In fact, nearly every author publishing a diet book through a major publishing house is urged to partner with this company.

Online support is a great thing, but don’t you think it should be given by people who actually believe in what they’re doing? You know, by people who live and breathe the lessons they teach? Who aren’t following some cookie-cutter, assembly line approach? Who aren’t spewing 35 different diet philosophies simultaneously?

We thought so too, and that’s why we have a small, select team of believers.

Just working with a personal trainer

The sad truth is that few personal trainers know much about teaching nutrition effectively– and without proper nutrition, their training plans go to waste anyway.

In fact, two recent studies have demonstrated that even when training with high level coaches for 5 hours a week, folks lost only 1% of body fat over 12 weeks. The coach was only able to use exercise techniques (i.e., few diet changes), and he was only able to train the subjects for 5 hours each week.

Well, that’s exactly how most personal trainers work – and they’re lucky if they get 3 hours a week with a client! So great personal trainers know: without proper nutrition, the pursuit of fat loss is hopeless.

Our Purpose

Our goal is simple: 

We're here to provide world-class nutrition, wellness and athletic performance coaching to individuals and teams in the Research Triangle. We help clients discover the joys of living a fit, healthy life.

Tired of diet books, boxed meals and cookie-cutter meal plans, we've adopted a system of research-driven, results-based coaching.

Our team has worked with executives and stay at home moms, as well as athletes on every level, and helped them achieve lasting success.

We’ve watched fad diets and fitness crazes come and go. But when the fads have failed, and the crazes have died out, and people just want something that works... that's what we teach.

Got Questions? Meet Our Team

"Coach Be Moore has totally revamped my entire diet and the gains I've seen are ridiculous. Anytime I have a question on anything he gets back to me ASAP and with the most real answer. He started out working on my first World Record, he's my coach, and a friend. 

Thank you Coach!" - Kyle G., 2-Time World Record Holder

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