Schedule a Complete Nutrition Audit

Schedule a personal diet evaluation and a consultation session to discuss strategies for fast forwarding your progress.


• Review your family health history
• Evaluate and discuss your nutrition needs
• Discuss effective supplementation
• Implement recovery tactics
• Set tangible goals

Alyssa spent time with me recently… she’s already on her way implementing changes, has fresh perspective on her goals and is super excited about getting the suggestions I gave her into the gains zone!

“WOOT!! Amazing what a difference great guidance can make!! YOU rock, Coach! Thank YOU so much!!”

-Dr. Alyssa F., Philadelphia, PA

I’m really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and digging into your challenges.

Let me do an ‘audit’ of your nutrition plan that could save you a ton of guesswork… and hours that you’ll never get back.

My audit with Coach Be was amazing. He went into great detail on what changes I needed to make to hit my goal, but more importantly focused on sustainable changes. We focused on exactly what I wanted out of the session, and I left the 1:1 feeling confident about crushing the next steps!”

– Adrianna K., Los Angeles, CA

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Dr. Jones is a client of mine. She was working on regaining her energy and losing weight, while facing the challenges of working hospital shifts and 24 hour calls. She’s not allowed to eat on the patient floors, has irregular sleep patterns, and has little energy at home to cook. That’s a difficult but common setup.

She tried… and worried…. and when she came to me, just 3 days later, we established systems in her day and week that have made a HUGE difference.

Before she came to me she was literally unable to make progress. It was wash, rinse repeat, of the same habits that weren’t working.

3 days and her life changed.

“Coach Be is a coach dedicated to your success. He approached my fitness goals with precision and took as much time as I needed to discuss and to answer any questions that I had about my nutrition plan.

He used his expertise to provide the most precise plan for me and is very thorough, which has enabled me to trust him completely and feel more than able to reach my goals.

I would recommend him without reservations to anyone who is looking for a passionate and skilled expert.”

– Robyn S., Raleigh, NC

What could happen if we spent an hour auditing your situation? For just the price of a few audiobooks!

I’m looking forward to helping you kick major butt! We’ll simplify early action steps for radical gains!

-Coach Be Moore

What You Can Expect:

Once you register for your consultation, here’s what will happen:

1 – You’ll tell us about yourself:  Once you register you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire detailing your current condition, and your family history.  The more we know about you, the better we’ll be able to advise.

2 – There WILL be homework:  In addition to your history, we’ll need to develop a snapshot of your current lifestyle and habits.  You will be provided with detailed instructions for taking a simple survey of your eating habits and other information that will inform our guidance.

3 – Review and prepare:  We’ll review your information and prepare our notes and questions, and begin authoring the specifics of your approach.

4 – Select our call:  We will schedule the time for our call.  Find a distraction free space, grab a pen and notepad and bring your questions to the table.  We’ll discuss your recommendations and answer your questions to the best of our ability.

It’s that simple!

E4A Nutrition Audit
Coach Be Moore