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Meal Plan FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our service.  I hope we’ve covered it all.  When you’re ready, come on back to the menu page to place your order.

What can I expect from TNC meals?

Our results minded meal program is based on the science behind a whole-food, plant-rich diet. Each meal is nutritionally designed to contain the optimal amount of protein, locally grown produce and nutrient-dense healthy fats to help balance, restore and heal your body, so you can look and feel your absolute best. Each meal is portioned with the individual in mind.

What are my options when getting started with the meal program?

To get started, first choose whether you’d like to experience just one day, three days, 6 days with us. For each day, you’ll receive 4 meals and instructions on how to time them and fill in the gaps nutritionally. Our mission is to help you feel your absolute best, which comes from eating to fuel your cells with optimum nutritional alignment as often as possible.

On registration you’ll also be able to indicate whether you’re and omnivore, or you prefer a plant based diet.

How does the 6 day meal plan work?

The 6 day subscription is the easiest, most convenient, most cost-effective option for lean body living! Because we know the life-changing power of eating our way the majority of the time, a 6 day subscription ensures you never have to miss a single wholesome meal. (That’s one less thing you have to think about, in addition to meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up.) Once you order, we’ll prepare 3 days worth of meals for you for pickup on Wednesday and Sunday.

Why organic produce?

Many of the toxins we absorb come from the produce that we eat. Non-organic fruits and veggies are treated with pesticides and contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These toxic chemicals enter our system, accumulate over time and wreak havoc on our bodies. Organic produce, on the other hand, is not only free of these chemicals, but is also more nutritious and more flavorful as a result. It’s cleaner, fresher, healthier and a whole lot tastier!

Why locally grown?

When fruits and vegetables are sourced far away from our homes, they aren’t as beneficial to our bodies as those harvested locally. In order for produce to appear ripe on your grocery shelves weekly (all year round, mind you) they have to be harvested prematurely, refrigerated, shipped, stored and merchandised at your local store. All this adds up to items that are disconnected from the soil far too soon, and exposed to a bunch of tactics that favor profit over your health.

Can you accommodate my food allergies?

Keep in mind that our meals are nutritionally designed and already free of gluten, and peanuts. If you have another allergy, you may receive a meal substitution. Reply to your receipt email to let us know.

Please note, we do our best to accommodate allergies, but do not provide a product for people with medically-necessitated diets or severe allergies.

Can I choose my menu?

We offer a set menu of delicious, nutritionally planned meals. While you can’t pick and choose specific meals, rest assured that each is nutritionally designed for optimal health and crafted with the help of our chefs using the best-quality organic ingredients available—give them a try and send us your feedback so we can shape future offerings.

Do I have to cook anything?

No! Our meals are designed by chefs, crafted around the highest-quality ingredients, and prepared with loving hands in our kitchens. Meals arrive ready to eat and are crafted so you can eat them wherever you are. (…Just think of the time you’ll save from not having to shop, chop, cook, or clean!).

What is the return policy for meals?

If you spot a quality issue with one of our meals we’ll be happy to replace it for you. Refunds will not be issued once a program has started. With 48-hours notice prior to your meal prep. We’re preparing custom portioned meals to order according to your nutritional requirements. This is the last thing you should be worried about.

Will I be able to go about my daily activities while on your program?

Heck yeah. Our goal is to make your progress easier to attain. The more consistent you are in your training and your rest and recover, the better you’ll feel.

Are your programs gluten-free?

Yes – our meals are 100% gluten-free! We’ve heard your feedback and are shaping our offering to suit your requests. Gluten: gone!

Where can I pick up my meals?

We’re currently set to for meal pick up at Prime Athletic Fitness Institute in Durham, for this pop-up.  They’re located at 3738 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 27707.

We’ve had some success in the past delivering meals via Uber. If this is something you’d like to pursue shoot us an email.

Prime Athletic Training and Fitness Institute

How many meal drops will I receive?

Because our meals are made with the highest quality, fresh ingredients, we deliver no more than 3 days of meals at a time. As a result, if you ordered a 3-day meal program, you will receive your meals in 1-2 deliveries (depending on your location). If you ordered a 6-day meal program, you will receive your meals via 2 pickups.