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Performance Enhancing Nutrition

Superior Nutrition Yields Superior Results.

I’m Bryndan Moore, affectionately referred to by my students as Coach Be.

I’ve coached Olympians, National Champions, World Record Holders, sports teams at every level, and hundreds of busy people just like you. Working together, they learn what it takes to achieve their goals, while promoting great health.

Our coaches provide accountability, direction, and support to our students every step of the way. Our methods have helped hundreds of motivated people just like you to achieve great health and get in the best shape of their life.

In the process we’ve learned a LOT about what makes people tick. And through constant trial and error, we’ve created safe, easy, efficient steps to getting you there!

What Our Clients Are Saying


“I have worked with the Coach Be’s team both professionally and personally. The results my teams have achieved are greatly impacted by the changes we’ve instituted in our diet and in our habits. I’m a big fan of the E4A method.”

-Coach Meghan R.,
Rutgers U. Women’s Soccer

“This is the best. Happy to be a member of such a positive group of people with positive vibes and positive outcomes.”

-Coach Tasha Y.,
Northwestern U. Women’s Basketball
Dr. Ferguson

I highly endorse Coach Be’s method and the science behind the process. The coaches understand nutrition and the sweet science of successful coaching.”

-Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, Olympian,
4-time National Judo Champion,
Tampa Florida Judo School
Drea inset

“I don’t feel weighed down anymore. Literally, but also on an emotional/mental level. The weight that I gained in college haunted me and shattered my confidence in more than just my body image but in everything I did. Now I feel more free than I have in a long while. Thanks to this program I found a real solution that works & one that allows me to be human and still make progress.”

-Drea M., Lost 50 pounds

“Working with the principals thought by Coach Be and his team, I am now in the best shape of my life. I have more energy, my abs are rock hard and my mindset has changed completely. I never thought this would be possible. Which guy does not want to look ripped at 40+ years? Trust me when I say I am no longer self conscious going to a pool party or taking a quick run in the neighborhood with no shirt.”

-Andre F., Busy Dad
Team Gurk

“Coach Be has totally revamped my entire diet and the gains I’ve seen are ridiculous. Anytime I have a question on anything he gets back to me ASAP and with the most real answer. He started out working on my first World Record, he’s my nutrition coach, and a friend. Thank you Coach!!”

-Kyle, 2-Time World Record Holder

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience. I had levels of success figuring nutrition basics on my own but one of my New Years resolution was working on mastery of skills. I started with the goal to learn more about nutrition but got so much more. I quickly identified habits that I needed to incorporate if I wanted to add longevity to a healthy lifestyle.

I was able to walk away with the tools I wouldn’t be able to get out of any book or website.You won’t regret it!”

-Michelle V.
Dr. Ericka

“Coach Be’s system allowed me a unique opportunity to work through how life challenges, stress, work, insomnia, injury can impact training, nutrition, etc and how to still keep moving forward.

There was a lot of problem solving. As a result I’ve lost over 50 pounds to date.”

-Ericka G., M.D.

“The incremental lesson approach is genius! Every lesson became a habit. I didn’t even feel like I was trying. I had so much more energy during my workouts and life in general.

The most shocking thing was when my doctor told me I didn’t have to be on my cholesterol and hypertensive medications anymore!

You guys changed my life… literally. My family appreciates and thanks you.”

-Taj S.