Macronutrient Based Meal Prep: 1-Week Pop Up Shop

Durham, NC – Are you ready to lose inches and shed pounds of fat? Be among the first to experience our chef prepared, designed-for-you, nutritionally curated just for you meals.   For a decade, our team has been teaching people what to eat, when to eat, and in what proportions in order to achieve great health and their best body.  We’re now working on doing it FOR you.  Leave the planning, shopping, portioning and cleanup to us.



Guaranteed delicious, that’s what we aimed for.  Every meal has been tried and tested for great flavor while being nutritionally on target.



Our meals are planned and prepared to deliver you your full day’s macronutrients. You’ll enjoy the right ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates to support lean muscle and encourage fat loss.



We provide 4 meals per day designed to save you the time and trouble, while supporting your health and body goals.  No shopping, chopping cooking or cleaning.  Leave all that to us.

Just want to test it out? Order 1 full day, 4 meals on the plan.  Trust us, you won’t go hungry.


Get serious, one day is a flash in the pan. Order 3 days, 4 meals per day, and experience what half a week on the plan feels like.


A typical week on our nutrition program means prepping twice a week for 3 days, leaving the flexibility for one day out with friends. Live the program for a full week. 6 days, 4 meals per day.